The Wandering Uterus Project is designed to redress the recent anti-uterus rhetoric that has entered the public sphere and to give voice to the uterus-owners who face a forced orthosectomy at the hands of legislators across the country. The Wandering Uterus Project is a multimedia performance piece that reconsiders and reconfigures the long history of male philosophers and politicians and how they define and dictate where uteruses can and cannot wander. The Wandering Uterus Project encourages participation through social media and during live performances by those with (and possibly without) uteruses.

Wanda the Wandering Uterus

Wither wander Wanda?
Wherever she wants! You can wander with her!

Just download and print Wanda and take her on any adventure you two feel like going. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and send them to

Some places Wanda loves to wander….
· The Beach (Wanda loves to improve her tan)
· The Spa/Salon (Wanda is nothing if not well-groomed)
· Any Extreme Geographical Locales (mountain tops or ocean depths)
· The OB/GYN
· Sporting events (especially Nascar and Ultimate fighting)
· Any sort of performance or gallery events
· Offices of elected officials who vote on uterus rights

Wanda’s favorite activities include…
· Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
· Rock-climbing
· Getting a pap smear
· Protesting for her rights
· Road trips
· Swimming
· Skateboarding
· Spelunking
· Sky-diving, bungee jumping, surfing, or any extreme sport
· Knitting
· Getting her nails done
· Getting her picture taken with celebrities and/or getting their autographs
· Getting or giving tattoos

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