The Wandering Uterus Project is designed to redress the recent anti-uterus rhetoric that has entered the public sphere and to give voice to the uterus-owners who face a forced orthosectomy at the hands of legislators across the country. The Wandering Uterus Project is a multimedia performance piece that reconsiders and reconfigures the long history of male philosophers and politicians and how they define and dictate where uteruses can and cannot wander. The Wandering Uterus Project encourages participation through social media and during live performances by those with (and possibly without) uteruses.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why we're here...

To say we're fed up is a bit of an understatement.  We're astounded and angry that in 2012 we are watching politicians (mostly male) across the country legislate what women can and can not do with their own bodies.  Frankly, we thought our mothers and grandmothers had already fought this fight.  That's what happened in the 60s, right?!?

But, here we are...and so we're determined to fight back, and invite our family, friends, acquaintances, and total strangers to fight back too!  We're fighting back using theatre, because that's what we do.  Right now we've been hard at work on a performance that we hope can be a conversation, we want more than that...we want to start a fight!

We want to fight because we are really fighting back. The right wing rhetoric around body issues is violent and visceral. We say that saying women should just close their eyes and take it during a forced transvaginal ultrasound and pay for it is an act of violence against our bodies and minds and we have a visceral response. Saying women are okay with making less than men is destructive to us and to how young girls will value their womanhood in the near future. We want to fight because these politicians have been pushing us, forcing us, and limiting us. They've been beating us up rhetorically and socially so we're going to beat them the same way.

They declared a War on Women...well, now they've got one!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wanda visits Wisconsin State Senator (and anti-uterus crusader) Glenn Grothman

Scott Gendel escorted Wanda to Senator Grothman's office today.

Check out their adventures here...

OMG! It's the Wisconsin State Capitol! I'm a celebrity there.  They talk about ALL the time!

Hey look!  She's pointing, just like me!

Well, this isn't just any statue.  It's the Women's Memorial!  They must really love me around here.  I  better go inside.

Well, this sign seems helpful.  Hey Women, go that way!  Maybe this will help me find Senator Grothman's office.

Nobody in there...

Glenn Grothman, room 10 South.  I'm on it!

There's his office door! OMG I can't wait.

Don't Tread on Me.  Agreed!

Helllloooooo! Yoo-hoooooooooo!  Oh dear, nobody's answering.  I think Senator Grothman may not be in today.  A random passerby told me his car's not here. Hmmm.

Hey you!  Staffer who just left Grothman's office!  Come back! Wanda wants to meet you!

Wait!  Pleeeeeeeaaaassee!  Boy, it just seems like none of you want to hang out with me.  What a bummer.

"Dismantling Democracy One Bill at a Time." I think that sign might be about me.  Hi, everyone!

Well, if nobody from Senator Grothman's office will talk to me, I guess I'll just have to join the daily sing-along.  "Solidarity Forever!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where's Wanda?

The Wandering Uterus Project brings you an unscripted adventure with Wanda courtesy of Angie's niece...

Give the girl in your life a Wanda to play with...capture the magic and send it to us at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wither Wander Wanda?

Wither wander Wanda?  Anywhere she wants!  You can wander with her!

Just download and print Wanda and then take her on all sorts of adventures!  Be sure to document your travels with pictures and video.  Send them to

Special thanks to Joshua Mikel at Sharkguts Design for creating Wanda!
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