The Wandering Uterus Project is designed to redress the recent anti-uterus rhetoric that has entered the public sphere and to give voice to the uterus-owners who face a forced orthosectomy at the hands of legislators across the country. The Wandering Uterus Project is a multimedia performance piece that reconsiders and reconfigures the long history of male philosophers and politicians and how they define and dictate where uteruses can and cannot wander. The Wandering Uterus Project encourages participation through social media and during live performances by those with (and possibly without) uteruses.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's Wanda Reading?

Wanda gets around....the library.  She wanders the stacks.  Nothing sums it up more than this selection.  

Travel can definitely be a political act.  Travel is a refusal to be bounded, a desire to roam, and a willingness to leave the familiar for the unknown. 

 Wanda appreciates anyone who celebrates the power and beauty of the feminine.  

Here Wanda reads aloud to some girls in the library.  

Oh, the things you can think, ladies, if you refuse to be constrained by fear and a lack of imagination.

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